Berkshire Busk 2023 : Great Barrington Events Highlight

Every Friday and Saturday night in the summer, buskers take over Railroad St. in Great Barrington, MA.

What’s a Busker?

Per Meriam Webster, a Busker is: a person who entertains in a public place for donations.

That can range from music, to close up magic, to juggling chainsaws and more! Busking festivals bring these performers together in various locations around the world.

Berkshire Busk in Great Barrington MA

Great Barrington hosted its first busking festival in 2021 in order to support outdoor dining at local restaurants. The tradition of shutting down the street, moving dining tables to the middle of the road and hosting a variety of vendors and performers has become a local sensation that attracts tourists from around the country. This free, family friendly event brings the community together and adds a new level of accessibility to the world class talent that hides away in the Berkshires. You never know what you’re going to get at this event! With talent such as Wacky Chad, Cate Great, Balloon Ben, and various musicians of all genres; there is certain to be something for everyone. Generally there are around 8 performers busking at any given moment!

Enjoy the Busk while supporting Great Barrington Local Businesses

Some of my favorite spots on railroad include Baba Louis for Pizza, SoCo Creamery has fantastic locally made ice-cream as well as their lesser known espresso drinks, for a cocktail head to Moon Cloud, and Bizen is a great option if sushi is your jam.

Berkshire Busk FAQ’s:

When is Berkshire Busk?

This event will continue through the summer of 2023 ever Friday 6:30-9:30pm and Saturday 6:30pm – 10:00pm (weather dependent) with the last event being Sept. 2nd.

Where is Berkshire Busk?

Berkshire Busk is on Railroad St. and Main St. in Great Barrington MA.

Where can I park for Berkshire Busk?

A map can be found on the Berkshire Busk website here.

Who is Berkshire Busk for?

Everyone and anyone. Having partnerships with a variety of organizations such as Berkshire Pride and Jacobs Pillow this event has something for every walk of life.


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